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23 March 2021 Tuesday. 16:16:16 UTC
Intertex Finance
My friend told me that it’s a good investment with as they giving profits every day, therefore, I opened an account and invested $500. After Mr. Johnson contacted me through their live support, he explained to me how to transfer the money through Coin Base. he told me that on the website of intertex I should copy the wallet ID and when doing transaction with coinbase I should use that, which I followed the instruction. I transferred the money and after every day I received a notification that my daily profit was added to my account. My friend told me that she received a Christmas bonus, therefore I contacted Mr. Johnson, asked him about my bonus, he told me I have to invest more money. Told to him I`ll add another $1000, when I transferred my money, he told me I can get a bonus of $1000 if I put more money $5000, I said if I can get $1200 i`ll do it. So, we agreed, he said I can withdraw my money whenever I wish. After I tried to withdraw my money, it says it has been approved but it never arrived. Then they told me I reinvested my money which I said I didn’t. After that, they blocked me from everywhere and never received my money back.
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