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11 February 2019 Monday. 14:04:21 UTC
Hey, Hopefully you will not really mind my english sentence structure, because im from Indonesia. I toxified your system with a malware and im in possession of all your private files out of your os. It was established on a mature web page and after that you've picked the video, it, my software instantly got into your os. Then simply, your webcamera started to record you hand fucking, in addition i documented a video that you've seen. After a short while this also picked up your social contacts. In case you would like me to erase your all that i possess - transmit me 790 eu in bitcoin it is a crypto. It's my btc account number : 1CRTr5YCe67rQnANeYVXVpzdCRYcWSUXvS At this moment you will have 27 hr s. to make up your mind The moment i will get the transaction i'll wipe out this video and everything entirely. Or else, please be sure that the video will be forwarded to all your contacts.
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