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26 September 2020 Saturday. 14:07:02 UTC
This wallet is also by EarnBTC.Live 1CToy6JGqveVJWmPmrSk69uE7QaaNp1oyz This is part of the chat with them on July 9th: Welcome to our site, if you need help simply reply to this message, we are online and ready to help. hello Good day yesterday I was advised to deposit 1040 usd in this address: 1CToy6JGqveVJWmPmrSk69uE7QaaNp1oyz I just want to Re confirm it since I see another address when I chose to Make a Deposit in my VIP Miner account.... ... Yes Use the wallet given to you alright done ! 0.139653 BTC let me ask you once again: Why still is zero in my Active Deposit ? when is it gonna be reflected with the right value ? Ok It’s mining sir yeah ok, but it doesn't mean to reflect any value there? could you please confirm the deposit Authorized transfer Hello Daniel Antonio, Your transfer by 0.139653 BTC to 1CToy6JGqveVJWmPmrSk69uE7QaaNp1oyz has been authorized. The amount has been transferred to the destination account. with this my account will be Active again After generating profit You’ll see it in active deposit ok, because the previous time it generated profit , it continued showing zero $0.00 that's why I asked again Don’t worry alright, now you suppose to see the previous 2600 usd + the new deposit of 1296 usd today thanks
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