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17 February 2021 Wednesday. 10:16:36 UTC
Neo Capital group
I received a call from Lucy, he said he is from Neo Capital. Said he can help me to invest money and it would only cost $200 to start. However, the next day when he called me said the $200 which I already deposited was just the registration fee and I have to invest more money. I invested more few thousand and he explained to me how everything works and placed the trades through AnyDesk. For one week he was away and said to not touch my account but when I logged in I saw that I`m losing the trades. I contacted them through email and Lucy rang me said that it should not have happened and took control over my account. Said to not lose everything I must invest another £1000 so I did. After few days he called me and asked for more £5000 said with this I can be a VIP member. I agreed since I didn’t want to lose everything. Next week my account kept losing he said that we have to change the investment into ico oilium but for that, I must invest another $25000, said in 3 weeks I can have $230000. I didn’t want to agree with this because so far I just lost. He started to blameing me and the market and he kept asking for money from me, but I refused. He said he will destroy my account if I don’t invest more, he started to threatening me so I closed my account. When I asked for a withdrawal they said I made $470000 but I have to pay £19000 in order to withdraw my money because of some fees. Weeks later they said my money is on my Coinbase account, they make a fake call from blockchain, said I must pay ^24000 for Liquiti so they can release the money. When I made that payment someone called me from Coinbase that I didn’t invest enough money so that I cannot receive a big amount of money, said I should invest in 10% of the profit. Since that, I stopped communicating with them.
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