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02 June 2020 Tuesday. 20:35:11 UTC
blackmail scam
United States
They claim to have video of me masturbating, email looks like this: Hi ! I will be direct. You watch adult content often and I caught you masturbating. We all do it from time to time. How I did this? Your router was vulnerable. I was able to infect some code into the firmware, and every device connected to the network, including phones, was compromised. Then I set every device available to record with the camera only when you watch adult content. I also got your contact lists, phone numbers, emails, social media contacts, and here is the deal. If you don't pay me 700 dollars worth in BTC, I will send your masturbation video and search history to all your contact. It goes on from there, but yeah. Some BS scam trying to scare me into giving them BTC.
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