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14 May 2020 Thursday. 16:56:32 UTC
blackmail scam
United States
Well the previous time you went to the porn webpages, my spyware was activated in your computer which ended up saving a beautiful video of your masturbation act simply by activating your web cam.  (you got a incredibly odd taste btw lol)  However, doesn't necessarily need to be that route. I would like to make you a 1 time, non negotiable offer.  Buy $ 2000 in bitcoin and send it to the listed below address:  1Cd8tk2LB*FMTX3*W26ZnY*559MT*5q8R2Y*pjF [CASE sensitive copy & paste it, and remove * from it] (If you don't understand how, lookup how to acquire bitcoin. Do not waste my precious time) If you send this particular 'donation' (why don't we call this that?). After that, I will disappear for good . and never ever make contact with you again. I will delete everything I've got in relation to you. You may carry on living your normal day to day life with absolutely no stress. You've 1 day to do so. Your time will start as quickly you read through this email. I have an unique code that will notify me once you go through this e-mail so don't try to play smart.
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