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16 February 2021 Tuesday. 15:34:02 UTC
I saw a page on Facebook and I clicked on it, few days later the company started to calling me and said that I could make good investments and money through their platform. Later I made my first deposit of $250, then a broker named Emmanuel Belford contacted me and he showed me how everything works on their platform and said he`ll help me with the trades since I have no knowledge about it. Days later he told me that I should deposit more money because it is easier to trade with higher amount on my account, so I deposited more $ 5100 therefore all together I could trade with $6000. He said I still have to pay some fee which was 2500 EUR, which h said will be added to my account and I can trade with it. On my account I already had $23.000 . After a couple of day I asked for a withdraw and Emanuel stared to telling me about different kind of fees I have to pay because without that I`m not able to ask for a withdraw. So therefore I started to pay for the fees but still today I have not received anything back. I told him I don’t have more money to pay, since that time he doesn’t not reply to my emails nor my calls.
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