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07 September 2020 Monday. 09:58:37 UTC
I invested in Online Trading Platforms during the period from 10.04.2020 till 24.04.2020 ( around 5000 USD & 70 1500 USD Total USD 6500 ). As I did not have any knowledge regarding online trading, they did the trade on behalf of me. During the whole process, my account summary showed a lost position. To keep my investment in a ‘Safe position’, they requested me to do more deposits and I did. But I did not earn any profit. Finally, I came to know that they are scammers and I lost everything. To recover the funds, I got one contact in social media who took the name of Barry Silbert. He said he can help me recover my lost funds, and he also said he works as a level 12 administrator at Qbic Markets. So, I went on and did everything he asked me to do. This is his email ID: [email protected] And WhatsApp contact No: 0044 7508298691 I called and explained to him about my online trading lost funds, and he replied that ‘all protocol due observed my funds can be recovered and retrieve directly into my account which I made payment from using their unto recovery robots signals which will enable to recover all transactions made by me’.Then during his retrieval process, I deposited a total sum of around 4146 USD to bitcoin wallet address to recover my lost amount I haven’t got a positive reply still again I lost funds.
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