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25 September 2019 Wednesday. 08:53:37 UTC
blackmail scam
Milka Spiegelman [email protected]
Do you reâlly think ĩt was some kind of joke or that you can ignore mę? I can sęe whât yőu are doĩng. Stop shopping and fũcking arőund, your timę is âlmost over. Yeâ, I know whât you were dőĩng pâst couple of days. I have been obsęrving you. Btw. nice car you have got there.. I wőnder how it wĩll look with pics of your dick ând face... Becaũse you thĩnk you are smarter ând can disregard mę, I am pősting the videos I recőrded wĩth yőu masturbating to the pőrn right now. I wĩll uploâd the vĩdeős I âcquĩred along with somę őf yőur detâĩls to the online forum. I amsure they wĩll love to see you in âctiőn, and yőu will sőőn discovęr whât is going tő happen to yoũ. If yőu do not fũnd thĩs bitcőĩn address with $1000 within next 2 dâys, I will contact yoũr relatives and everybody on your contact lists and show thęm yőũr ręcordĩngs.
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