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10 March 2021 Wednesday. 00:07:02 UTC
[email protected] (sender IP is
Dear ___MY___ _NAME_____, Well, I hate to break it to you, but I have full access to your system and all of your connected devices including the smartphone. You were living under constant surveillance for more than a year now. I have successfully captured every little sound and action from your microphones and cameras, every single key you’ve pressed and all the links you’ve clicked, and of course the full screencast 24/7, full system logs, every incoming and outgoing text and call, all the accounts with passwords, payments history and accounts, literally everything. _____, I now have terabytes of data collected from your devices, everything is copied, processed, (MORE WRITING) ____, if you would like me to keep everything private and get all the captured data erased once and forever, including the movie I’ve created, I will certainly do it. Just let me know within the next 48 hours by sending AUD $1,5k via BlTC0IN to this address: 1CkriHdwKDhBKgpWpEUaE9uH1tbsVCbqGm. There are BlTC0IN ATMs everywhere now, just Google it. Once it’s sent, I’ll be instantly notified and I, in turn, shall fulfill my end of the bargain. As a bonus, I’ll inform how to clean your systems and protect all the devices in future. You’ll also get the movie file and then you decide what happens to it. ______ , I hope you’re not a slow reader, because the Countdown has started once you’ve opened this email. No need to reply, I'm using randomised addresses.
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