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14 January 2021 Thursday. 10:09:35 UTC
blackmail scam
Douglas Patric
South Africa
I invested $100 with Douglas Patric and after 7 days i will get my profit. Near to 7 days he told me 2 days before my trade is over i must pay my commission 20% ($350) of the profit over as he needs to pay the broker before they can release my profit. Why do i need to pay him commission for my profit they can deduct it off my profit. This doesn't make sense. He creates a online account for you to keep track of your profit, is the website he uses, but there is no other info on the site only ads. I firstly couldn't log in and after days i suddenly could. He insist i pay the commission then i will get my money. I want my invested money back. He refuses to pay it back. So much for his loyalty. Please do not trust this guy i believed him and now he shows his true colors.
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