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04 January 2021 Monday. 22:02:59 UTC
Robert Marcote
I found this guy Robert Marcote (maybe this is not his real name, but only his name on telegram) posted on facebook groups some business opportunities for people to make money with bitcoins and displayed a link to this channel: There he has 39,5 K subscribers. On this channel he advertised a lot of fake proves with screenshots from people claiming that they made a lot of money in a few hours after this guy Robert traded bitcoins for them. On his channel nobody can comment, only to see. In this channel, it was displayed a link to the trader Robert, who claimed that he can make a lot of money for us, in order to be able to buy a car, or a house, or to accomplish our dreams in life. This is the link to him on telegram: After I read what he posted in channel, I decided to give a try and invest 1000 € and buy coins to send to him, but fortunetely my debit card was declined and couldn't complete the tranzaction. I work hardly for this money here in Austria taking care of old sick people, and I don't want to waste my hard earned money. I wrote a lot to him on telegram, and tried to find more information, but instead he was pressing me to faster make the tranzaction. And finally caught the bite and almost fell into his trep. He gave me this bitcoin adress to transfer coins: 1Cu41DwBfzkn2VQbWva4gavWACk7N3jQRN.
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