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27 December 2018 Thursday. 13:53:02 UTC
blackmail scam
United States
Not so long ago a close peer of yours launched a virus application that spread around the connected network. I established a connection to via the opened RDP port, and got my hands not only on your financial documents, but also on company's classified documents. A quick glance at your tax forms affirmed that you are in fact involved in tax fraud. Unless you want to suffer from the consequences that can lead to significant financial losses, you must pay a transaction to this btc - 1DAL3uYjcdBAYG8fG55WMFSsMvUQLbu52T - 2.8265 Remind you the consequences for failing to perform what is necessary of you will be that all of the files that I've found out about will be digitally transmitted to your state's tax office. After repeated inquiries, the IRS will have no choice but to look closely into this matter. In the worst turn of events I'll make sure they know where to look.
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