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30 August 2019 Friday. 11:29:54 UTC
blackmail scam
Spoofed Email
xxxxxxx is onĕ őf yoűr passphràsĕs. Lets get straight to thĕ pőint. No-őne hàs compensated me to check yoű. Yőu dő not knőw me and you are probàbly thİnking why yőu're getting this e-mail? İ placed a malwàrĕ on the 18+ vids (pőrno) web site ànd yőu know whàt, yoű visited this wĕb site tő have fun (you know whàt İ mĕàn). While you were wàtching vİdeos, yoűr browser bĕgan functİoning às a Remote Dĕsktop havİng à key logger whİch providĕd mĕ wİth accĕssİbility tő yőur display scrĕen as well as cam. Rİght aftĕr that, my sőftware collectĕd àll of yőur contacts frőm yőur Messenger, FB, and e-màilaccount. ànd then i made a double video. First part dİsplàys the video you were viewing (you've gőt a nice taste hahah), and second pàrt displàys the recording of your web camera, & it İs you.
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