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19 May 2019 Sunday. 14:49:16 UTC
blackmail scam
próprio e-mail
your account has been infected! it will be good idea to change your password this time! you do not know anything about me and you are most likedy wanting to know why you're reading this particular email, is it right? I'm ahacker who openedyour email boxand all devicesa few months ago. Don't attempt to msg me or find me, it's not possible, since I directed you an email from YOUR account that I've hacked. I've installed virus to the adult videos (porno) website and guess that you have visited this website to have some fun (you understand what I mean). While you were keeping an eye on video clips, your internet browser began functioning as a RDP (Remote Control) with a keylogger which provided me ability to access your monitor and web camera. Afterward, my programaquiredall data. You have put passwords on the sites your visited, I caught then. Of course, you'll be able to modify them, or possibly already modified them
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Error: unable to get links from server. Please make sure that your site supports either file_get_contents() or the cURL library.