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20 April 2020 Monday. 19:16:06 UTC
blackmail scam
Regine Harper <[email protected]>
United States
Pay $1000 in bitcoin to the underneath address: 1DKKyzuz1FDQEcufbdmcr3dPeE*oFbDosnh Copy and paste it, and remove * from it. . You may be wondering why the hell would you do that? Well, prepare yourself simply because I am going to tremble your world right now. I had a threatening adware and spyware infect your own pc as well as record movie of YOU (using your web cam) whilst you browsed 'adult' web sites. This is one of your password xxxxxxxx Nonetheless don't believe me? Reply 6 and I'll be randomly share your video with the people you know (Yes, We have access to your contact list as well). At this moment, exactly what do I want to make this whole thing fade away? Very well, I have already described the actual deal in starting of the message. If you do not fulfill it within Twenty four hours, I'm going to create your life a nightmare by sending that video clip to Everybody you know. Your time frame begins now.
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