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17 July 2020 Friday. 12:58:55 UTC
United States
Hello! I am a hacker who has access to your oper ating system. I also have full access to your account. I made a video showing how you satisfy you rself in the left half of the screen, and in the right half you see the video that you watched. With one click of the mouse, I can send this video to all your emails and contacts on social netwo rks. If you want to prevent this, transfer the amo unt of $700 to my BTC address. You do not know how to buy? Search to Google : Buy BTC My BTC address (BTC wallet) is: 1DaL9Rk5ij2B9fZgzJYZ3U4v3tX7Tgqkcn After receiving the payment, I will delete the video and you will never hear me again. I give you 50 hours (more than 2 days) to p ay. I have a notice reading this letter, and the ti mer will work when you see this letter. Filing a complaint somewhere does not make sense because this email cannot be tracked like my BTC address. I do not make any mistakes. o
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