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29 April 2021 Thursday. 10:37:43 UTC
I received a call from Donald Grant from Stanley Capital. He offered me a 20.000€ loan for a trading account, he said the account will grow to 70.000€, he said we can make this money by trading on the forex market which I have to pay once when the account reaches the target of 70.000€. So, I agreed with it. They started to trade on the account and gave me weekly updates by phone. Within two months they reached the target of 73.000€, I was ready to pay the 20.000€ to secure the account but I didn’t have the money to cover the loan for the account. Donald told me he can talk to the financial department to see if I can get a discount. I started to get 10.000€ together, I reached out to one of my friends and he agreed to pay some money on it so we can have this account. I sent 3000CAD through my BitBuy account. He then said the account now is secured and it didn’t matter if the required amount is sent by the end of that month. They told me as soon as the money sent I will have total access to my account and I can withdraw whenever I want to. Around December we completed the payment, then Donald asked me to send the proof of the payment which I did. Then Donald called me and said there was some problem with the bank and we have to pay 2500CAD to cover the wire transfer fee. So, we sent it and we should receive the money within 3-5 business days. Then I waited a week and told to Donald I would need the tracking number from the bank that they sent us the money, he said he`ll look into it. That was the last communication with him, since that I cannot reach him by phone, and doesn’t respond to my email.
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