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21 May 2021 Friday. 10:43:01 UTC
scammer/abuser, PaytechNo OU, Navasu Oü
In June I received a call from Vanessa, she said she`s calling from ig club. She started to talk about how easy to make money online and it only 250€ required to start with. She then showed me the platform by using AnyDesk and explained to me how everything works. So that I deposited 250€ and she started to trade without telling me. After she told me to deposit more money since 250 was a small amount to trade with, so I deposited more than 2.5K £. After a couple of weeks, she again said we should deposit more to trade much better, so again I deposited 2.5K £. It was going on for a couple of months and by October I have deposited 60.000€. After Vanessa said the company has to change to bigclub which we didn’t have a problem with, and Vanessa said we have to sign a form that says we cannot withdraw the money until December 2020. She also said it's quarantined by the 23rd of Dec we can make the withdraw. After Vanessa told me that we have to pay tax for the German Government which is 15.000€, but I said we cannot aord that. On the 23rd of December, we asked for a withdraw, but nothing happened, we just only got emails regarding we should be patient. After Vanessa said she has to move from the company and trade elsewhere but she assured us shell get our money back with a lawyer which apparently would cost us 30.000€, but Vanessa could manage to do it for 2.000€. Then she started to trade for us to be able to pay the lawyer but from one day to another she lost all of the money from the platform. After I emailed her she said well receive 22.000€ but still today nothing has arrived at our account. After I tried to email, phone her but nothing has happened. Since that day we haven’t received any information about her nor about our money.
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