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10 August 2021 Tuesday. 12:24:58 UTC
I decided to invest I typed in bitcoin on Google and the bitcoin advert came up I called the number and invested £178 the receptionist took my payment on my Barclays visa card and then guided me through she put any Desk onto my phone along with the signal app and guided me through MetaTrader platform then guided me to take the money from Binance whilst on any Desk onto the platform I thought that this was how bitcoin made its profits by trading. After being on the platform for a couple of weeks I was very impressed with the profit margin and because I was making no profit with my money in the bank decided to invest £2000. After two days my broker Mary called me and said see look how much profit you have made already she then said if you add another £8000 I can put you on the best platform but to go on this platform it has to be a minimum deposit of £10.000 I said I was frightened of doing it in case I lost my money but she reassured me that this platform was very safe and that I would definitely double my money in a couple of weeks and could then take out that profit. I decided to go ahead and invested another £8000 after making £5000 profit I asked to take out the profit because I needed it for vet bills but she said that we made an agreement and would have to wait until we had made £10.000 profit after another two weeks I saw that I had £21.000 on the trading platform so I asked to take out the profits she said that whilst there was any minus on the trading platform I could not do it I instructed her to tell the trader to stop doing trades until I get the profits this order was ignored I complained about this and said that I needed to buy a car she said that you will get your car soon in the days following there seemed to be nothing except minus trades although they were buying and selling the same trade at the same time they all kept sinking deeper and deeper into minus until all had disappeared I asked her what was going on but would not reply to my messages
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