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08 February 2021 Monday. 18:06:15 UTC
United States
I’ve never understood the point of play with urself, I think that is a poor practice contravening the faith tradition. Well I’m not the person to judge humans of their passion. I’m not going to talk and I’ll get right to the point. I have recorded u wanking off with the help of your device and its webcam and now I have an interesting and discreditable video clip on u. Does it raise the question how it is possible? My app infected ur device, except your camera turning on I as well accessed to ur email contacts and to ur social networking sites. Now I get the opportunity to share this mouth-dropping tape with ur colleagues, comrades and family or just distribute your vid on the web. My first and last offer to keep your reputation in the eyes of ur family – give money to me for the job I’ve done. It does not matter what you do during your free time, but one of the ways I earn is manhunt for human beings with similar fondness for play with yourself, thereby I wish to receive a bonus for the job I performed. 48 hours left from the time of reading the msg for the transaction, if you neglect the claims, I am going to post your video clip on the web and present it to your buddies and loved ones making ur being a freaking tumultuous dream! It will happen within ninety-six h. I hope it’s all clear from what I said? Apologize me for my English. Do not try to reach me, ur pleas won’t be heeded, this email is hacked and soon there will be no access to it.
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