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24 September 2019 Tuesday. 14:24:18 UTC
blackmail scam
United States
Do yőu rally thīnk it was some kind of joke or thát you can īgnore me? I can see what yőu are doīng. Stop shopping and fucking aroūnd, your tīm is almost ovr. Yea, I know what you wre doing past couple of days. I have ben őbserving you. Btw. nice car yőu hav got there.. I wonder hőw it will lőok with pics of your dick and face... Because you thīnk you ar smárter and can disregard me, I am pőstīng the vidos I recorded wīth you mastūrbating to the porn right now. I will ūpload the videos I acqūired álong with some of your details to th onlīne főrum. I amsūre they wīll lőv to se you in áctīon, and you will soon discover what is gőing to happen to yőu. If yőu dő not fund thīs bitcoin address with $1000 wīthin nxt 2 days, I wīll contact yőur rlátives ánd evrybődy on your contact lists ánd show them your recordīngs. Send: 0.1 bitcoin (i.e approx $1000) to thīs Bitcőin address: 1KAwcdRzz2cbXaqScawdueYw1hMsS8WQbJ
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