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22 March 2021 Monday. 10:35:27 UTC
Platinumvest Investment
I joined the Academic Single.Com – dating site online where I met with Williams Ruiz Duke In August 2020. He then befriended me and quickly became an item and we ended up chatting about investment for my future income after retirement. This Williams taught me how to open a blockchain account, how to buy bitcoin from then transfer the bought bitcoin to He then encouraged me to get money from super, my son’s savings, my grandchildren’s saving and sell my gold jewelry and put all the money into He was getting more and more demanding and pushy about this investment and try to encourage me to borrow money from the bank. Then, I was chatting with Leo, I met him through LinkedIn about this investment which he told me that this could be a scam, hence I contacted you via Cybercrime. However, Leo introduced me to his friend Jose Jones who was also scammed and he put me on to [email protected] - this Bradley helped Jose recovered his money including the profit and all his expenses returned.However, I am now not happy with the service as Bradley asking more and more money to processing my recovery of the scammed money.
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