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16 February 2021 Tuesday. 19:30:54 UTC
United States
"Don’t attempt to consult with law-enforcement authorities, they will fail to fix ur things, I’m an alien. Now thoroughly and completely follow the message, lest the effect may be irreversible. Ur fondle your genitals was shot through my app. One of its opportunities is turning on of a web camera of a victim remotely, I also downloaded all contacts from ur email and have accessed to your social media. I’m not going to go into details the way that occurred. Let me give you some advice – don’t visit unsavory websites, and antivirus should be always updated. But these measures not always can protect ur device. Within forty-eight hours as soon as you open the letter u give money to me for me keeping quiet, and I will eliminate all compromising data where u wanking. If u ignore the requirements, within ninety-six hours I am going to send your lousy videos to your buddies and closest people, hence messing up your prestige in the sight of others for the rest of your life! I’m not interested in what you do in ur spare time. Payment for the my work interests me. I’m not the man to dispraise your predilection, though it’s a sin in any religion. It’s senselessly to write and beg me, this email is hacked and soon the access to it will be denied."
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