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24 November 2020 Tuesday. 11:56:10 UTC
ICN Brokers,Currently HFS-Capital
19/03/2019 through ICN Brokers (Kevin Lloyd, Sr. Account Manager) Kevin told me he would give me a good broker who would work with our money. This broker’s name is Ryan Weller (or Veller).We started with € 2,000, through Bitonic BV and Coinbase. Via trading, this amount was doubled to € 4,000 in August 2019.In the meantime, ICN Brokers changed to HFS-Capital.From September 2019, we did not hear anything from them anymore.Then, the beginning of May 2020, Kevin Lloyd called me to say that the money could be recovered with a profit because they had invested it in bitcoin.In the notepad, it was explained that we had a profit of 16.276 € and to proof that we had enough money, we had to pay 1) 10% and 2) 20% on top of that, amounting to 4882 EUR in total.This amount was paid to Bitcoinmeester.nlA few weeks later, the profit was more and again we were asked to pay more. The last amount of € 1585 was blocked by Bitcoinmeester and did not go through to ??? their wallet??So, they asked to send them the same amount of € 1585 (supposedly for taxes) again via Coinbase, which we did.They called us again late August 2020 to say the bitcoins went up again and we had to pay an extra € 1175 to recover our profits. Which we did.After that we could not get a hold of them anymore and they did not respond to our voice mails and WhatsApp messages.Contact details we have:Kevin Lloyd: +44 740 328 1773, +44 772 741 5650, +44 750 611 0228, +44 121 790 0798 Ryan Weller: +44 739 554 7294, +44 742 692 2778 Benjamin (Blockchain in my phone): +44 750 611 0381 and +44 208 106 2936 David: +44 772 346 3383 (this is the last person who called us, and we referred him to Kevin in order to refund our money. David said Kevin was his boss/manager.)
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