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04 March 2021 Thursday. 05:37:04 UTC
Sophia Kharitonova <[email protected]>
United States
U do not seem the man who is unable to look for a sex buddy for urself. It's your hobby to wank or the issue is you? I am not criticizing men who have the same passion, I'm not the person to judge u. Let's come to the point.Your love yourself was filmed with the help of ur webcam, and now I've got lovely dirt on you. Thru my software I got access to ur social networks and downloaded all contacts from your electronic mail.Beware of dubious web-sites in order not to infect your device with a rogue prog. I provide you with 2 choices to solve this problem. U give money to me for my silence and for the activity I have carried out. Of course this activity is not a particularly good one in the world, but while there're people like you, there will always be a job for me. Conversely, I'll post the video clip where u play with oneself on the web and send it to ur relatives. It's up to u whether u wanna save ur reputation in the eyes of ur family or be humiliated. You are given 48 hours to transfer my remuneration as soon as u read the warning, I will see when u read it thru remote connection. In case u ignore me, within ninety six hours I am gonna live up to the pledge and send your mouth-dropping video to your closest people. Don't try to text me and beg me, this mail is hacked and soon there will be no access to it.
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