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03 August 2020 Monday. 15:58:23 UTC
This is another Chinese bitcoin scam you must not invest in. They ALL use the same tactics, template, all from Mainland china claiming to be from foreign countries. It's multiple different groups of people hired to scam you. Actors posing as knowledgeable investors. They will NEVER pick up your video call. They have the same routine of answering you at the SAME time everyday because they are usually doing it from an office, with multiple cellphones, or computers. They also steal pictures from Weibo or make fake social media accounts and you probably met them on a dating app. To check you can do a reverse google image search. These Chinese girls will claim their uncle, father, ex boyfriend, stepdad is a knowledgeable investor and has inside information. The claim is that you can invest before anyone else which is fake. If you invest money into any of these platforms they will either keep extending the deadline so you cant withdraw your money or will shut down and take your money. There is no way to trace them because they funnel the bitcoins through multiple wallets. If you've invested already, trace the bitcoin wallet address. Your money is already being funneled out. They will claim if you put $10,000 more into the platform then you can withdraw but they will scam your money. DO NOT INVEST ANYMORE MONEY IN THIS WEBSITE. THERE IS NO WAY TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK.
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