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10 July 2021 Saturday. 18:05:01 UTC
United Kingdom
The scammer is claiming that they can get my wife, who doesn't exist, back to me with some sort of magic love spell if I pay them money. They gave me the option to pay via bitcoin and sent this bitcoin address. Here is their description: Hello, I have received the details you provided so I shall now proceed with the casting of the love spell immediately and I promise in 3days your heart desire will be granted immediately. Because I have see your problem so easy for me to solve because God have really bless me with a very powerful gift to cure and heal all kinds of sickness infection as well as solving all problems in natural of mankind. But I want to let you know I don't charge for my service because my services is free but the materials am to use in casting this love spell to make your man love you and Cherish you as never before, it's only what you're paying for because we buy them from the market and use them for the successful of the spell. And once you see the results after three days like I promise, you can now come and congratulate me with some gift for the work well done. But the money required to buy the spell materials to do your spell will cast you $380 USD. Send themoney today so that I can buy the materials and at once cast the love spell immediately. I must tell you not to worry yourself anymore because you have come to the right place where your problem can be solve
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