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17 November 2020 Tuesday. 22:07:34 UTC
United States
AFPA Trust Ltd purports to be bitcoin mining investment company that yields high daily interest rate for investments of $2500 to over $100,000. Web site appears legit at first with daily accruals of earned interest. However, new policies are applied without notice that require clients to recruit new referrals or blocks against withdrawals that make firm suspicious as a Ponzi scheme. Web site is vague to non-existent with policies, guidelines, fees and other restrictions. Firm is not known to Securities and Exchange Commission in US or Financial Conduct Authority in UK despite collecting "taxes" for SEC and being subject to oversight by FCA in UK. Reports have been filed with both agencies about this firm. Firm claims to be legally registered in UK with an ID number of 11634018 but neglects to mention which agency registered this ID and would not provide the information when directly asked. In fact, all substantial questions to firm at [email protected] have gone unanswered.
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