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30 October 2021 Saturday. 00:09:21 UTC
blackmail scam
Brittani White [email protected]
United States
email from Brittani White [email protected]: If you meet someone like u on the street, u will not guess that, being alone, he practices that stuff. I wonder how you have not chafed ur hand till it bleeds? U jerk off so frequently that I think you have a unique technique, or it is not clear how your wood is still okay. Your tenacity in ur lousy delights astonishes me. But indeed all this has no bearing on our matter. When we end up, you'd better pay attention to you safety, and begin at least hiding the cam. Ur surrounding will never learn your filthy secrets if u address the demands that can be found in the file below. attached "MYNAME".txt: Having accessed to ur device, I filmed a very intriguing clip, and now I want to send it to ur contacts from your email. 1297 $, Bitcoin 1KUceh1GsX4cAgCgRSv2GbZPF2t4e9BtgU, To make sure this doesn't happen you gotta address my demands within 46. hours. In case u defy my requirements, in 80 h u'd better get out of the country and change ur name, anyway u will no longer be able to live your former life. You don't have options, I am not going to reconsider my claims, it is useless to write me, I will delete the present email address. The timer starts now.
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