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03 August 2021 Tuesday. 23:50:34 UTC
Jay Cassel <[email protected]>
Hola XXXX. Do u know that masturbation is a real bad habit? read through the msg up to the end! The fact of ur masturbation was shot using ur webcam and now I’ve got the dirty laundry on you! My programme has also accessed to ur social networking sites and contact details from ur email (they are all copied). I may upset u, don’t attempt to contact law enforcement they won’t be able to find me, as I am a foreign national (that’s why my english knowledge leaves much to be desired). The single solution in this situation is to send reward for my silence within forty-eight h and then I will destroy all the shameless dirty laundry on u. Fair price 1100 usd, Bitcoin 1KWcVY3oNDXKFpG4hnjBMWCH1eGqHm5jb6. I am giving you forty-eight hours to make money transfer for my silence (my system will send me a notification that you read the message)! If you flout these claims I will kill out your prestige in the eyes of your closest people, within ninety-six h all ur juicy details will be sent to your enquiries and your social networks. This email is temporary, soon there will be no access to it, do not write to it.
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