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23 November 2020 Monday. 13:44:33 UTC
I started getting calls from Jacob Hill he asked me if I have experience with trading and bitcoins.I had no experience.He emails me to introduce me to speedybits and tells me I need to buy bitcoins with my £250 to start.As I was in the process of creating my speedybits account got a call from Dave Rosenberg,he introduced himself as Jacob’s manager and he’ll assist me through creating my speedybits account.Dave said I have to send bitcoins from my e wallet to my wealthcapital account to start trading.Dave mention the trades were high and if I deposit 5000€ he will guarantee me prots.He prompts me to take out a loan and say I have nothing to worry about if it doesn’t work,he will pay the loan back to me from his own personal bank account.I take out the loan and go through the same process.The trade we did made prots and asked if I can withdraw the 5000€ Dave tells me it’ll be easier to transfer me the money through bitcoins to my bank account to avoid taxes,told me I have to trade x amount of times to withdraw.We reached 63K€ and I said I don’t want to trade anymore.The colleague,Brian contacted with me and asked if I wanted to withdraw,he said use anydesk to use my computer.What it turns out he was traded with the asset bitcoins from my account and empties my wealthcapital account tells me he will contact me in 10mins but doesn’t call me back.I contacted Dave and explain what happened,told me that sounds right and he will have a look when he gets back to work.he says they will only recover my deposit,which was 5250€.asked if I could withdraw it and he said I have to trade x amount of times to withdraw and he will promise me prots.We started trading again and lost all my funds,asked him if there’s anything else we can do and he said I will have to deposit again.To my frustration I asked him if he is going to pay for the loan like he promised and he said no.
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