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07 September 2020 Monday. 09:43:08 UTC
Gordian Services Limited
I Started making transactions with this company called, it gave a guarantee of a% profit for your income in cryptocurrencies in 24, 30 hours depending on the amount to be entered. I made several deposits and it is true that all the income made successfully reached my wallet until I made a deposit and it did not appear on the platform there to contact them and they told me that for HALWING reasons the money could not arrive, so that If he wanted to recover that money and be able to activate the account he had to send the money again and double the amount would be activated. Obviously, once I sent that money for the 2nd time I never saw the money again. I spent several days chatting with them and each time they asked me for more and more money that I did not send them again until they promised that they would send me to triple the money. In short a well-organized scam.
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