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17 May 2020 Sunday. 19:11:54 UTC
United States
Says has password (which is my old password) I changed it quite a while ago. Plus says has FBcontact list ( I don't have a Facebook account although I had one for a little while about a year or so ago), etc. Here are some exact excerpts form the actual email: I have the full recording. If perhaps you think I 'm playing around, just reply proof and I will be forwarding the particular recording randomly to 7 people you recognize. You've got 24 hours in order to do so. Your time will begin as quickly you read through this email. I have got an special code that will alert me as soon as you see this mail therefore don't attempt to act smart. My desktop does not have a camera so there is no way for video clips being made etc. I know this is 100% a scam but since I received this email (in my spam folder no less) I am sending it to you so others know about this email going around just as you suggest. Hopefully one day these individuals or "actors" get exposed, caught, and prosecuted for their transgressions. Thank you and glad to help out. Address may appear as "1KXzWTuUNDbQGf6TwAevJa*qYM1uv3V58F2".
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