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12 August 2021 Thursday. 15:26:30 UTC
I received a cold call from a person named Samuel administrator he said he was from a trading company called finocapital. He said it would only cost 250 Usd and I could start making money with them. I agreed this was on the date 11/04/2022. So, the next day he called me and explained that the €250was only the registration fee and I would need to transfer more money he then transferred me to a financial adviser and then said put money to make profits I agreed to a few thousand and we started trading. He would log into my computer via Any desk so he had access to my computer and placed the trades, the first few weeks everything seemed fine my profits seemed to be going up and up. Then I asked for a withdrawal with my money on Friday 14/05/2021 he said I had to pay tax on it so I asked why and then start questioning that why can’t take that money out of my withdrawal money so I asked for proof he referred me to the financial department her name was Lara Hoffman, she told me the same that I had to pay tax upfront so I wanted more proof. She said I will contact the tax people to give u a guarantee letter which they did so I thought this was legit and pursued and paid the tax. Then she said it will be in your bank account within two days and now it’s been 4days and they don’t reply to me would now I have received a message from them saying that my financial adviser is fired and that they are chasing up where my withdrawal money is that’s the last, I heard from them. I made my last deposit with them on the date 14/05/2021
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