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27 August 2019 Tuesday. 21:33:56 UTC
blackmail scam
Allegra Litt <[email protected]>
New Zealand
i know XXXXXX īs yoũr passwords. Lets get dīrectly to pōint. Neithr anyone has paid me to īnvstigate you. You dō nōt know me and yōu're most likely wondering why yoũ're getting this e-mail? ī setup a software ōn the X video clips (pornōgräphy) wb site änd yōu know what, you visited this site to xprience fũn (you know what ī man). When you were wätching vīdeos, yoũr web browser started fũnctīonīng as ä Rmote Dsktōp häving ä keylogger whīch provīded me with access to yoũr scren änd also web cämera. Just äfter thät, my software program collectd very ōne ōf your contacts from yōur Messengr, Fäceboōk, as well as email . Next i made ä dōuble-scren vīdō. 1st pärt displäys the video yoũ wre watching (you häve ä good taste rofl), and 2nd part displäys the recording of your web camerä, & its yoũ.
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