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31 March 2021 Wednesday. 05:24:51 UTC
Idris Attwood ,
United States
I approached a person named idris attwood as I saw some facebook posts stating that he was portfolio fund manager. I was looking for fund managers who does day trading on our personal accounts just like financial engines etc companies. He asked to register in the hyctrademarket website and share only username so that he will be able to connect and perform trading. I started with small capital and after 5 days he approached market is going to go down and its good to buy on dips so asked to add funds to the account for higher yield. I added high amount. Funds transfer is to a BTC address listed in my account. it says that's my personal BTC address.. However after couple days, since he is not transparent in trading I created alternate account and verified that all accounts uses same BTC address. There is no withdrawal option from the website.. I researched a bit and found he has been doing this since Mar 2020. Till date he collected 7.8 BTC = $450K. I m reporting to recover my money if possible as well as to stop this scam from going big. The BTC to which I transferred is 0.
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