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07 July 2021 Wednesday. 00:34:04 UTC
Sandy Chico
United States
Ur jerking off was shot using the webcam of ur infected device. My badware is great! Besides having recorded a movie with ur participation, through RDP protocol I cloned all ur contact information from your mail. I’m a non-resident, on emailing this msg I am going to delete this mail in order to cover the tracks. Don’t try to engage with law-enforcement authorities, they're impotent in this situation. Now thoroughly read the email, otherwise ur reputation in the eyes of other human beings will never recover. Fair price 1349 $, Bitcoin 1Kc5LPDHU9qsbfsPCzci8YqAUGJYxKnHwi If u ignore me, within ninety six hours I am going to distribute ur blackmail material among your loved ones and upload it on the web. If u do what I ask, I will delete all ur private compromising info and you’ll never see me again. In case in forty-eight hours from the moment of reading this msg I don’t gain my remuneration, the video tape where u jerk will become available for public viewing. Even anti malware cannot always save you. I advise u to be more attentive when you access insecure websites, somebody at any moment can gain total access to ur device.
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