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13 October 2020 Tuesday. 07:41:57 UTC
Falcon Trade mining Corp, Falcon Trade
in July, I saw an advert on Facebook about a girl called Sharon Ethan with and so many videos about people being happy and crying that they made so much money. I needed so much the money that I sent her a friend requested and she accepts it replying if I wanted to trade. I said yes, so she told me if you trade 200$ in 3 days you will get 2000$, so stupidly I did it and every day the amount was going up around 250$, 300$, 500$ and at the end, it was around 54000$, I then received an email saying that due to the amount I have made I had to pay 2500$, which I did after her insisting. She asked me to create an account on coimama, and I was depositing the money there but she was giving me the address, I did this a few times with different cards, but she never asked me for OTP. She just sent me these numbers and letters to copy and paste. Then I received another email as I wanted to withdraw saying that my bank in UAE was not recognized and I needed to deposit 5000$, I tool money from my friend and I received an email saying that I could withdraw the money, which showed as “pending” on the website. The next day I received another email saying that I couldn’t withdraw the money as I needed a QR code and they asked me for 10000$, which I totally refused, she tried so much but I didn’t. I file a police report on Dubai e-crime and sent her a screenshot, that’s when she blocked me from messenger and remove me from the website. First, we started talking on messenger, then she told me to move to WhatsApp until one day someone told me “ I don’t know what you are talking about”, I then sent her another message on messenger and she replied saying her what’s app got hacked.
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