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06 October 2020 Tuesday. 21:35:24 UTC
United States
Hi! I`m aware that you watch P0RN0graphic videos! Your smart-phone got a malware so I was able to use your microphone and your camera and record you without your knowledge in the same time you masturbate! The deal is next.. if you don`t pay me 500$ equivalent value in BIT C0lN I will release the video with you doing... you know what to your contacts. My malicious application that was installed also had another function, to steal all your contacts from emails, phone book list, social media friends and so on. How about the passwords? No, because all smartphones have like a virus defender and they scan for what kind of activity an app can have, so... Trying to extract passwords? Very bad, it may get detected! Using the camera and extracting all the contacts without user permission? No problem! Ok! Well to get some coins search on Google this "Buy BIT C0lN instantly" and send the coins to the next address: Address: 1 K c o b g T d h 4 7 X P 2 A m a Z f W d x k V T y T j c W Y n W V Amount: 0.047 Very important! My address which is Case Sensitive contains spaces so you have to manually remove all spaces and the result must to be a string of 34 characters so it will start with "1" as well with end with "V". Use that string without spaces to send the coins! You have a few days! Ok... to uninstall my sneaky app you can restore your device to factory settings. Use Google for "Reset to factory settings [your phone model]". Maybe you think that I have your passwords as well, you can change them! To stop getting vlruses... next time, your browser and your OS must to be updated regularry! Also, you may took in consideration to stop with this habbit of watching videos like this... it makes a mess in your brain.
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