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09 December 2019 Monday. 10:52:23 UTC
Scam email
United Kingdom
Scam email claiming to have footage of user visiting a porn site and requesting money or the footage will be released. Part of the email follows: ----------- Hello This will not take a lot of time, therefore direct to the issue. I acquired a footage of you commiting spermicide when at the pornweb site you''re visited, due to an incredible arse software I have been able to place on several websites with that type of material. You hit play and all of the cams and a microphone begin their work furthermore, it will save every darn element through your pc, such as contacts, passwords or stuff similar to that, think just where i got this e-mail from?) And so now we all know who i am going to send out that to, just in case you not necessarily planning to negotiate this with me. --Snip-- Here's my bitcoin wallet address- 1KdD5VcQ58SSrVPnh9CyKzg3wHMYXWtZbs ----------------
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