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25 October 2021 Monday. 10:16:47 UTC
Bitforexoption, Silicon Trust Bank, Trust Wallet
I found an FB post and comments saying that Mr. Robert Martins is a legit Fund manager from the US and helped many people to earn through investment. I sent him a message if I could start with $500, he said yes. He asked me to open an account at “my Trust Wallet” and I purchased 0.00792BTC, then I send 0.00779344BTC. Then he asked me to open a trading account at Overnight I earned $1683.18 then my profile grows to $2896.99. I requested to withdraw $1000 to prove it`s not a scam but he told me my account has to reach the minimum of $7000 to withdraw. I invested another $5000 and when I sent the money, the wallet address changed, I asked him why he said the mining address changed. My account balance was $4629.69, and I received an email from the company that I have to pay $1800 to upgrade my trading account before I could continue trading, then an email asking me to pay $3000 instead, which I did. My account balance grew to $73923.50 and Robert asked me to withdraw all my funds from the account to my local bank account. Then I received an email said I have to pay $5000 to withdraw, which I paid. Then Robert told me the company can`t send my money directly to my bank account so he told me to open an account with Silicon Trust bank, which I did. Then the bank asked me to pay them $5950 to transfer the money to my local bank account, which I said I don`t have more money. Robert told me his wife can pay $3000 and I have to pay $2950, which I did. Then the bank asked me to pay $10751 to acquire the Anti-Money Laundering Certificate. I didn`t make this payment, i`m still in contact with them. Altogether I lost $16985 with them.
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