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07 February 2019 Thursday. 22:15:54 UTC
blackmail scam
Hello there, I hope you will not care about my language sentence structure, since i'm from Philippines. I infected your gadget with a virus and now have all your private data from your os. It previously was established on an adult page then you have picked the online video, it, my program instantly gain access to your computer. Afterward, your webcamera recorded you hand partying, on top of that i captured a video that you've viewed. Immediately after a while furthermore, it pulled out all your device contact info. If you happen to want me to erase your everything i have got - send me 590 dollars in bitcoin it is a crypto. It's my account transfer address - 1KeVh1USr5FugZQn4ddo8JGP15dutf75Kn At this moment you have 26 hours. to produce a decision Once i will receive the transfer i'm going wipe out this video and every little thing completely. Or else, please be certain this evidence is going to be forwarded to all your friends.
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