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08 January 2022 Saturday. 16:50:04 UTC
Not sure how exactly but whoever is behind this address was able to gather my email information and use this to authenticate transactions to a binance wallet I haven't used in months. They sold a coin from my swiftx, purchased Bitcoin then transferred it into their acc. From the binance app. Here is the summary of what I have communicated with the exchange platform. In the middle of the night my wife alerted me to my phone pinging/running multiple times. I woke up to see multiple transactions had been placed from my swyftx wallet. On my SwyftX wallet my fantom coin was sold and then BTC was purchased. This wws and sent to a binance wallet (which I no longer use) then sent right away to a third wallet. This happened in the late hours here from midnight onwards. I quickly checked my email against haveibeenpawned and it came up as 17 leaks/hacks of personal information. I believe my Dropbox account, Gmail and others have been breached and the person/hacker pulled this off. My Gmail shows security authorizations over the past few days which had been going to my spam folder. On Dropbox I see that my passport information and a photo have been accessed. From binance this is the information available Note No: 93958643505 Address where stolen funds went 1KfCZUv21bEiEdXAbHA7U28hNk8EUsKMq9 TXid 054a89286e4e325e6b52b328519bec5c69e92b4b52d92f5e432658592eb88e6c My binance acc shows new login attempt from a new IP also. Here is the btc address from my swyftx acc 1EfSgb2GeYLhtLBxqzRevaoGHTCp9cB1bj From my swyftx acc it shows 553.263 FTM was sold 0.0350356 BTC was purchased  0.03503556 BTC was transferred to the other wallet
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