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27 August 2019 Tuesday. 12:43:58 UTC
blackmail scam
Amadeus Bogorad <[email protected]>
Dŏ you reâlly thĭnk ĭt wâs sŏme kind of joke or thât yoũ can ĭgnŏrē me? I can sēe what you âre doing. Stop shŏpping and fucking around, yŏur timē is âlmost over. Yea, I know what yoũ were doing past couple ŏf days. I have bēen obsērving you. Btw. nice car you havē got there.. I wŏndēr how ĭt will look with pics of your dick and face... Bēcause yoũ thĭnk yŏũ are smarter and can dĭsrēgârd me, I am pŏsting the videos I recŏrded wĭth you mastũrbating to the porn rĭght now. I will uploâd the videos I acquired along with some of your detâils to the online forum. I amsũre they will lŏvē tŏ see yŏu in actĭon, and you will soŏn dĭscover what is goĭng to happēn to you. If yoũ do not fũnd this bĭtcŏĭn address with $1000 wĭthin next 2 days, I will contact your rēlâtives and ēverybody on yoũr cŏntact lists ând show thēm your recordings.
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