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19 October 2021 Tuesday. 10:54:57 UTC
Arox Capital – Aroxcapital Trading Ltd.
I received a cold call from a person named TERRY DAVIS, he said he was from a trading company called Arox Capital. He said it would only cost $250 and I could start making money with them, I agreed. So, the next day he called me and explained that the $250 was only the registration fee and I would need to transfer more money. I agreed to a few thousand and we started trading. He would log into my computer via Any desk so he had access to my computer and placed the trades, the first few weeks everything seemed fine my profits seemed to be going up and up. Then, he said he would not be in the next week and that my account would be fine just to leave everything the way it was. In this next week by Wednesday my account kept going into the red I kept losing money on the trades he had placed then, $X trades disappeared. So now from being in profit I was in heavy Loss. I contacted them via email within 15 min a manager rang me and started saying this should not have happened TERRY DAVIS made mistakes etc, now he would take over the account and recover all money lost and make me big money, but I had to invest more money. He wanted an extra $X and he would make me a VIP I would get Gap events, I would get the best spreads, the best signals. So, I did not want to lose the money I had put in so I agreed, over the next few weeks the account got worse, and once again he rang, and this time, we had an argument I said I thought he was supposed to help me, he blamed the markets even myself, but not himself, he again asked for more money to fix the account, this time I refused, so he threatened me in writing via a wire that he would destroy my account, he had the reputation, it would all crash in parts, he promised if I didn’t invest more money, in the end, he did this to me 2 times the 3rd I refused and closed the account and looked for someone that could possibly help me. These people especially TERRY DAVIS have turned my life upside down
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