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11 June 2021 Friday. 08:44:06 UTC
A woman called Alexandra contacted me through LinkedIn, she introduced herself as a binary trader with 5year's of experience. She said with her and the company I could make a good amount of money. She convinced me, I started with $100 with the company called cryptodeskexpress. I sent the deposit (and later all the payments) in BTC as she asked me to do. Then Mr. Kevin Dalton contacted me said he`s the CEO of the coindeskexpress but he`s also handling cryptodeskexpress. All our conversations were In WhatsApp as they requested so. When my 7days trading period finished I wanted to withdraw my money, then Kevin started to ask for different fees I have to pay. I paid all of them with the hope I can withdraw my money. He then said my money is already transferred to blockchain but even after 1 day it didn’t arrive, they suggested for I contact blockchain since my profit is huge. Then Mr. Richard Miller contacted me and was asking for different fees like the blockchain fee, then he said my country does not accept USD then he said he`ll withdraw cash and send It to my bank account, I also paid for those fees as well. Then he said he lost his job and therefore he cannot give me back my money. Then I contacted my account manager why is my money not back yet, then she started to ask for more fees. I told her I’m completely empty-handed so I can only pay $500, and she agreed. So I paid that as well, however, she kept asking money from me for different fees, which I dined to pay. Since that, I have no communication with them.
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