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09 September 2021 Thursday. 13:16:46 UTC
DC Markets LLC
I received a call from Brandom Muller from a trading company called dc market. He said it only cost $200 and I can start making money with them. After I deposited the money, he called me and said this 200 was only a registration fee and I should transfer more, so I agreed with a few thousand. He then logged into my computer via Anydesk, so he had access to my computer and placed the trades. Then he said he won't be here for a couple of days but my account will be fine, a few days later I saw my account going into the red and I started to lose money. Then I contacted them via email in 15 minutes and a manager called me said this should not happen and my trader made a mistake and so he took over my account and recovered all the loss and made me a big profit, but I didn’t have more money to invest. He said if I would invest more money he would make me VIP and I would have Gap events and best spreads, so I agreed with it. Then in a couple of weeks my account kept losing again, I called my manager and he started to blame the markets and me, he again asked for more money to fic the account. I said no so he started to threaten me via email that he would destroy my account. He did this 2 times and the 3rd time I closed my account. I have lost with them £76.600.
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