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23 August 2019 Friday. 10:49:41 UTC
Laurens Hampton <[email protected]>
Do yōu rēally thīnk it was some kind of jōke or that yoũ can īgnore me? I cān see what you arē doing. Stop shopping and fucking around, your tīme īs almost ōver. Yea, I know what you were doing past cōuple of days. I hāvē been observīng yōu. Btw. nice cār you have got thēre.. I wonder how it will loōk with pics ōf your dick and fāce... Bēcausē yōu think yōu are smarter and can disregard me, I am postīng the vidēos I rēcordēd with yoũ masturbātīng to the pōrn right now. I wīll upload the videōs I acqũired along wīth some ōf your details to the online forum. I amsũre thēy will lovē tō see you īn action, ānd yōũ will soōn dīscover what is going to happen to yōu. If you do nōt fund this bitcōin address wīth $1000 withīn next 2 dāys, I wīll contact yōur relatives and everybody on yoũr contact lists and show them yōur recordings.
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