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15 October 2021 Friday. 00:45:07 UTC
Patricia Thomas <[email protected]>
United States
We will speak particularly about u, since the compromising data with this habit is only regarding u. Ur avocation is similar to drug dependency. It could be said that you're ill. But at the moment others don't interest me. you're okay with the statistics that claims that human beings more or less frequent jerk off? For you to understand the scope of the problem, I copied the contacts from ur mail and I'm gonna send your clip to ur loved ones. I don't know yet the additional method I'll distribute ur clip. I think I will provide you with forty-five h to satisfy my demands. U may attempt to implore me, but after emailing the msg I will delete this address. Bitcoin 1KqEfKyMnAQqqfUY5jeAf5Wc4WeQnGW9nA, this's a perfect proposal for u to save ur public image 1046 USD. If u neglect me, in 90 hours ur prestige is going to be completely destroyed in the eyes of men. Faithfulness to your sexual partner is the best defense against such kind of situations. I can suggest you to tape the camera of your device when u do something like this. Nobody guarantees that ur device is safe from external intervention.
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